Our Approach

In principle, we are consultants. In practice, we are a solutions group.

We want to help create a more resilient and abundant future for our planet.

A global team of pragmatic innovators, problem solvers, diverse thinkers and doers, with a shared purpose; we use a technical problem-solving mindset & deep expertise to solve sustainability challenges. Our team of specialists work with our customers and partners to reduce GHG emissions. We establish meaningful targets, then develop, integrate, and deploy successful action plans. We don’t stop at strategy.

Capabilities & tailored services

  • Understand, develop and deploy strategies to achieve corporate ESG targets
  • Address existing infrastructure assets, build and maintain new assets and continually optimize the deployed solutions
  • Commercialize technology solutions with our partners to make solutions available to the appropriate markets
  • Provide the bandwidth and expertise to implement projects and programs
  • Leveraging our network of expertise by creating consortiums that deliver technologies to market
  • Specialists in GHG blindspots & under-represented climate-levers, such as refrigerants and cross-discipline technology integrations

“Sustainability isn’t a burden or even a choice.
It’s an opportunity.”

Tactics & technical expertise

  • Strategy development & implementation
  • Product & Technology development & commercialization
  • Data validation, analytics, visualization & connectivity
  • Project and Program Management (implementation/execution focused)
  • Facility Management (commissioning, oversight, connectivity & efficiency)
  • Design & problem solving (process, product, solution, application)
  • Technical due diligence, subject matter expertise & deep knowledge in niche areas
  • Network of expertise, creation of consortiums

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