About Us

We are a global team of pragmatic innovators, problem solvers, diverse thinkers and doers, with a shared purpose.

It’s our future.

We believe the solutions we need to tackle the climate crisis, exist today. We help develop, commercialize, deploy and scale these climate solutions.



To impact Earth, positively, now, to secure a future for what we love.


A collective approach joining talent and technology to provide action, not just advice, to accelerate climate solutions globally, at scale and pace.


A circular clean zero-carbon economy in balance with the natural environment.

Our Values

  • Agnostic Integrity: Straightforward honesty and respect enables our clients, partners and team members to see one another as trusted advisors in each of our areas of expertise. We do not harbor or promote agendas, hidden or otherwise.
  • Passionate Motivation: A passion for positive impact on our shared fate with others and our planet informs a bias for action. Where others may talk, our passion drives us to do.
  • Collaborative Adaptability: We leverage our open network to drive a nimble approach to problem-solving. Our focus on co-operation versus competition allows us to focus on achieving a common goal, rather than selfishly seek credit. We know our biggest impact can’t be achieved alone.
  • Optimistic Innovation: We do not allow fear of failure to prevent us from trying new combinations of improvements. We believe that we can and must do something, and that failure is often a pathway to learning.
  • Transparent Communication: Our team members are truth-seeking and truth-sharing. We assume positive intent of others, ask honest questions to further our knowledge, and share our experience and perspective openly.

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