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Bringing together unparalleled experience from across many sectors and verticals, to drive sustainable change, underwritten by an authentic shared purpose.

Creating meaningful targets and successful action plans; we don’t stop at strategy.

Michael May

Location: Reno, Nevada, US
Industry Background: Technology Development and R&D Leader
Passion: Climate solutions technology development and commercialization

During my career of over 30 years, I have participated on and led teams to deliver several new and successful technology product development efforts across seven disparate industries, including Oil & Gas exploration & services (yes, I know), Gas Turbines, Fuel Cells, Automotive, Power Generation, and HVAC including Refrigeration.

My focus has been leading various teams on R&D, concept design and product development, as well as participating in acquisition strategy, corporate startups and global technology portfolio management. As a mature business leader, I leverage broad experience across major functional areas including P&L ownership, Finance & Strategy, Engineering, Technology, R&D, Operations, and Business Development.

Sustainability isn’t a burden or even a choice.
It’s an opportunity.

Tristam Coffin

Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Industry Background: Owner/Operator Sustainability Leader
Passion: Integrative carbon mitigation solutions for the built and business environment

I have spent over 14 years pursuing sustainable solutions across multiple disciplines including transportation, packaging, supply chain, green building and corporate sustainability practices.

Prior to offering my skills and passion to others via Effecterra, I spent the majority of my career leading sustainability initiatives for multinational grocer Whole Foods Market. As Director of Sustainability & Facilities, I led a team responsible for implementing environmentally responsible programs, sustainable engineering initiatives and ongoing facility management. I am a LEED AP and sustainability leader with environmental expertise in multiple areas including high performance buildings, refrigeration/HVAC systems, renewable energy, and waste diversion.

We want to help create a more resilient and abundant future for our planet.

Chris Vallis

Location: London, UK
Industry Background: Engineering Consultant and Contracting Leader
Passion: Creative & scalable solutions to sustainability challenges

My 18 years in industry has taught me the importance of understanding the variety of factors that impact outcomes through the cycle of design, implementation and management – from the often-complex hybrid of stakeholders with varying objectives to logistical business constraints, in sectors as varied as Big Tech and Food Retail.

I have gained my experience across R&D, product development and standardization to implement technology step changes, as well as carbon reduction strategies, and niche specialisms and significant climate levers, including Refrigerant Management.

I am always excited to discover and apply new, better, unexpected and under-utilized innovations that not only solve a challenge, but stop doing harm, and contribute to environmental, social and economic good.

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